Telehealth Chiropractic is here!

With social distancing and reduced human contact at the front of people’s minds in 2020, here’s how you can still benefit from chiropractic care.

These past couple of months we’ve seen everything we know flipped around and people across the world are adapting to new norms. There is new regulation on how we function day to day and even how we connect with other human beings. Healthcare disciplines, particularly those who administer care through touch and treatment have been seriously impacted as we’re being instructed on a daily basis to adhere to distancing regulations.

So what does that mean for your chiropractic care today and into the unforeseen future?

Here at Health Focus Centre we want to sustain the care you’ve always received and remain connected to our community in Ryde, Putney and beyond. We’re planning to do this by delivering advice and consultations to you virtually through telehealth platforms. Whilst you’re in isolation, telehealth technology will allow us to service you in your living rooms directly from our clinic in Putney via video calls and streamable tutorials.

You might be asking yourself what a chiropractic telehealth consultation could look like?
You’re probably asking yourself how can this be done without some sort of hands on analysis?

Well you’re absolutely correct, to a degree. There are many stages of care a chiropractor can offer without just adjusting your neck. These come down to preventative work, advice on lifestyle or postural changes and more so personalised expert advice which may alleviate the need for future physical treatment if followed carefully. You may not be able to receive relief through adjustments right now, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still speak to a chiropractor on a 1:1 basis to guide you through what you’re experiencing.

For many people, it feels as though life has stopped right now, but it doesn’t have to be like that. When others are closing their doors, Health Focus Centre is opening a new one, a virtual one you could say. And Dr Raffi Grigorian (principal chiropractor) is dedicated to servicing ongoing current patients as well as new patients looking for assessments, exercises or simple answers to abnormalities they’re experiencing in the body, at no charge for regular clients (ie, current patient).