We are now stocking Archies thongs!

Imagine wearing a pair of quick slip on thongs for most of the day with the confidence that you won’t experience sore feet at the end of the day.

For many Australians summer warms the heart and the first thing that comes to my mind is beach, BBQ and thongs (flip flops)! I know for as long as I can remember, it was easy to throw on a pair of thongs and run out to uni, or even have them in my soccer bag to wear after the game. It has always been available on the shoe rack, but for someone like me who has flat feet, there was always the craving for a little support. What most people don’t know is when Archies first came about, I was an early adopter of a pair and also received one for my wife. We have spent the last few years testing them through all climates and even taking them with us overseas over and over again. I can confidently say that they are superb. They look trendy whilst being lightweight, offering arch support, a heel cup and a firm (but not tight) grip around the toe box. These offer both myself who has suffered with foot issues as well as my wife who has never had a foot issue the confidence that they can handle a visit to the zoo next time we take the kids to watch the zebras mingle with the giraffes.

They truly can handle any terrain you throw at them.
I even submerged them under water only yesterday at the beach and was amazed how well they stayed on my feet whilst in the water!

All this makes it a no brainer for the person who likes tower flip flops through the 4 Australian seasons outdoors or even indoors. I am now on my fourth year of wearing them and have to say I am impressed that the wear under the thongs looks minimal despite the extensive kilometers of walking I have put them through. There have been no blowouts due to the single mould from which they are created and love that they are designed here in Australia.

Video coming soon to explain just how they act in real life. Stay tuned.