What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a popular health care discipline which focuses on structure and function primarily of the pelvis and spine.

Chiropractic treatments restore normal movement in joints of the spine, which have become immobile or degenerated (due to acute damage, postural tension or chronic problems) using a range of hands on techniques. This movement is vital to healing of the painful or not so painful damaged tissue, disc, ligament, joint and more.

Why chiropractic?

Let’s face it, most of the time the reason people come in is because they are in pain.

They want to alleviate the pain without going down the path of medication, which only masks the symptoms. Chiropractic is about getting to the cause of the problem. Research suggests, that without normal movement in joints of the body, it is close to impossible to repair damaged soft tissue. Chiropractic adjustments improve spinal movement and alignment leading to increased proprioceptive input, better healing outcomes and muscle strength whilst naturally preventing potential future relapses. Basically, better movement leads to less pain, less spinal degeneration and less sensorimotor integration issues.

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Common conditions we treat

Dr Raffi, a local to the Ryde and Putney community has been supporting the health of local sporting clubs, professionals, families and neighbouring communities for the last 13 years.

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Medical/health history, neurological, orthopaedic and postural assessment.

Please note: An adult Initial consultation with a treatment is $130. Infants and toddlers are charged $80.


Report of

Your second visit which involves a thorough explanation of the diagnosis of your concern, results of images such as x-rays or MRI and your first chiropractic adjustment.



This involves a session with our experienced chiropractor tailoring the type of chiropractic technique to best suit your needs.

NOTE: Infants and toddlers are charged $55 a session.



This is a standard chiropractic treatment for seniors, students and children under 15 years old.