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The simple answer to this is that there is no blanket answer considering that some conditions will require further testing through images whilst some don’t. Although you may visit Dr Raffi with discomfort, it is paramount to make a correct diagnosis and prescribe the correct schedule of care. This may require a report of findings where Dr Raffi will adjust you on your second visit.

Chiropractic is a gentle method and with more than 13 years of chiropractic experience Dr Raffi is sensitive to communicating how your current condition would respond to an adjustment. It is extremely rare for an adjustment to cause discomfort or pain but is very normal to feel a slight ache the same way you would feel a little achy after your first experience at the gym. Although chiropractic adjustments will give you a feeling of better movement, it also can influence the surrounding soft tissue, scar tissue and neurology (proprioceptors) in a positive way. Heightened neural stimulation and breaking up of scar tissue may lead to a bit of tenderness in some cases. Once you have had your second treatment, your body begins to accept this change and that is when the discomfort begins to disappear.

If x-rays are clinically indicated and will assist in your diagnosis, Dr Raffi will refer you for bulk billed images. Although it is not compulsory, there are often times where spinal x-rays create more clarity around the nature of the discomfort being felt, whether in the spine, hip or pelvis.

A chiropractic adjustment is quite unique, as it is indicated to align the spine/pelvis and restore normal spinal movement. We live our lives repeatedly applying stress to our spine, cranium, pelvis and hence to soft tissues and discs. Repeated sitting, bending and slouching accumulates microtrauma on the spine which can weaken the supporting structures. This therefore decreases segmental movement, creating less proprioceptive (joint nerves) stimulation, increases the potential for osteoarthritis and leads to a loss of sensorimotor integration. Chiropractic, using adjustments, helps break the vicious cycle, reducing accumulated pressure, improving posture, decreasing the effects of stress on the spine and hence reducing pain whilst improving function of the spine. Chiropractic adjustments are used to get you out of alleviate pain, headaches or just to create better outcomes with posture and performance the same way Usain Bolt, Tiger Woods or other elite athletes use it.

In many cases a course of treatment is necessary. The effects of spinal treatments are cumulative in nature and therefore are most effective in helping overcome acute or chronic conditions when kept regular in the first month or two. Especially in chronically painful conditions where osteoarthritis is at play, regular care is indicated to help manage the condition. Rehabilitation exercises and lifestyle advice is given to help reduce any dependency on treatments alone.

Chiropractic care is covered by all private health funds depending on your level of extras cover. Upon your visit, you can take advantage of our Hicaps machine, where after swiping your health fund card, you will be left with a gap payment only. We do accept Enhanced Primary Care plans (EPC) for which your GP would have to refer. Please note that your GP will offer this if you fall within the criteria of chronic management. This EPC can cover you for 5 visits a year with a $10 gap payment for each visit.