Friends & Family Month

Expires 31st October

So Whats this all about?

For friends and family of existing patients

With the year drawing to an end, we know that some of the changes to our norm have left people in a bit of discomfort or even re-evaluating the importance of postural health. We have decided to run a friends and family month for the second time this year in the month of October. We were grateful to be able to help so many of your loved ones in May that we decided to do it again by helping people begin their journey to better alignment and less pain with a complimentary initial chiropractic consultation with Dr Raffi Grigorian (Chiropractor).


This is open to all friends and family of our existing patients to come in and get a health check. Please fill in the form below or call us on 9808 5555 to make an appointment. Make sure to quote ‘Friends & Family’ when making this appointment.

During the initial consultation we will:
  • Take a thorough medical history
  • Conduct orthopedic examinations regarding your concerns
  • Conduct applicable neurological examinations
  • Perform a postural assessment
The information gathered will help form the most accurate diagnosis. This session will run for approximately 30 minutes. All examinations are performed whilst clothed. Please note that after making contact with our front desk to make this appointment either over the phone or via the form below, a medical history questionnaire will be sent to you digitally, which we ask you to return upon completion by email or bring with you to your first visit.

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