Dr. Raffi Grigorian

Principal Chiropractor

The absense of movement leads to sickness and suffering

Dr Raffi is dedicated to helping people overcome their pains and stressors through specific chiropractic treatments in order to enjoy and maintain the healthiest version of themselves.

Its quite simple says Dr Raffi, “It is vital to first understand that health is a lifelong pursuit and not a destination.”

Raffi blends a wealth of knowledge with a passion for restoring neurobiomechanical function in those who either come in with pain or as a health initiative want to improve their health through postural improvements and movement.

Being a Master of Chiropractic graduate from Macquarie University in Sydney, Raffi has developed a strong reputation as a highly skilled and caring practitioner who always puts his patients first. He has substantial experience with acute and chronic pain management, neurology, rehabilitation, treatment of both the spine and peripherals (hands, feet, shoulders, knees etc), pregnant mothers and of course his favourite if you ask him being a father of 2 beautiful young girls, pediatrics.

Having played soccer since 7 yrs of age and participating in recreational sports such as tennis, squash with a love for salsa dancing, Raffi understands how performing at your potential requires your body to be in a thriving state. Using different techniques of chiropractic acquired through further study outside his Masters degree, Raffi is proficient in “whole body adjusting”, a technique which utilises corrections to the structure of the entire body to affect the overall function of both the mechanical (ie. joints & muscles) and neurological (ie. the nervous system) systems in the body. These adjusting techniques work very well with children, adults and our golden boomers. Creating life giving changes to the body to unlock its true potential. Raffi is definitely what you would call a passionate and committed chiropractor. With a love for people and living life to the fullest he is ready to spread his contagious passion for chiropractic and help improve the quality of life for as many people as possible so they can too live at their potential!