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What is Telehealth and how it works?

Telehealth is an easy and convenient way for you to connect with our Chiropractor without needing to visit our centre. Telehealth consultations are conducted online with video either using your phone, laptop, tablet, PC or Mac.

To be connected:

1. Press the book now button at the top or bottom of this page
2. Book a time on our calendar by filling out your details and choosing a time slot
3. Wait for your sms reminder with your unique link
4. Download the physiapp application on GooglePlay and Appstore
5. Answer your video call once Dr Raffi calls you at your appointment day and time.

It’s that easy!

How can serve you?

At Health Focus Centre we understand that there are those who either can not make it into our centre or have chosen to self isolate during these COVID-19 difficult times. Therefore we see this as an opportunity to connect online and help you with the following:

– Discuss self-management strategies for pain until you are able to resume physical hands-on care.
– Prescribe online exercises programs through the purpose built exercise and rehabilitation software.
– Check your pillow and sleeping position
– Discuss the current condition of your mattress
– Postural and ergonomic advice
– Organise your home office with proper ergonomic tips


Yes, you can definitely use both mediums. In fact, you could even use a tablet if you own one. Please note that we may require you to use an app to receive exercise recommendations. So therefore if you are to receive exercises, meeting over a computer or tablet could be a better option.

At this stage, our telehealth consults are being conducted at no cost to you. That is correct, 100% free with no catches or contracts. Even the exercise app we use is free for you to use. It is our way of helping out during these difficult COVID 19 times.

Our telehealth consultations can be considered as a recommendation and self management strategy sessions. No physical treatment can be performed although we can discuss how you can self manage a condition. For example, if you present with neck pain, we will observe you over the screen performing tests and then prescribe you the best way in which you can relieve symptoms. Whether you need stretches, exercise, heat/cold therapy or just simply rest, we can discuss this online. PLEASE NOTE: These sessions do not replace recommendations of care through physical treatment. Recommendations are put in place to help achieve your health goal. Think of telehealth as an option to maintain your concern until you can visit us in practice.

Perhaps you will if you are new to our centre. If you have been under chiropractic care with Dr Raffi Grigorian (Chiropractor), you may only need to describe your issue, run through a couple of tests and then receive a diagnosis and self management recommendation.

Make sure to wear comfortable clothing in case you are requested to run through exercises. It is also ideal if you have space around you in order to step back and move in different directions whether to perform an examination or perform exercises.

Despite the ever growing use of software such as zoom, skype, facetime, google duo and more during these Covid 19 times, our telehealth sessions are run through an Australian company called Coreplus. This makes sure that although our sessions are not recorded, any data saved as a file, is kept on shore. This is a requirement by our government and AHPRA. Another reason why we use Coreplus is because it enables you to make your appointment online without the need to call our centre especially if you need to secure the appointment the night before a session.


Dr Raffi, a local to the Ryde and Putney community has been supporting the health of local sporting clubs, professionals, families and neighbouring communities for the last 13 years.

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