Spinal Degeneration

With the build up of subluxations in our spine, tension and altered movement over years, spinal joints, discs and ligaments and other tissues begin to fatigue and “wear out”. Spinal degeneration or decay often begins with the first subluxations of childhood left uncorrected. While it is very common, it is not “normal”. It is the result of abnormal spinal motion. With the help of chiropractic care it can be avoided or minimized.

There are 3 phases of spinal degeneration:


Disc spaces appear healthy Normal alignment and spinal curves are present No degeneration is evident

Phase 1

Loss of normal curves and alignments are noted Supporting tissues are weakened Abnormal movement interferes with nerve and other tissue function Obvious symptoms or pain may not be present

Phase 2

To compensate for weak supporting tissues, the body has begun to grow irregular calcium to help stiffen the area. There is also evidence of the disc beginning to wear out and dry up. Continued nerve interference and aggravation of other tissues is present.

Phase 3

Left uncorrected, after years of degeneration, this spinal segment has fused completely. Nerve openings have greatly narrowed. Adjacent segments will wear more quickly under the extra stress. This usually occurs later on in life and is described to be experienced as a limited amount of spinal movement, shuffled walking and the inability to stand straight whilst experiencing pain and more.