Common Conditions

Hip, knee and foot pain

Whether hip, knee and foot pain are felt individually or all felt at the same time, we can not ignore that these could represent a compensatory change in the body.

Although direct impacts or trauma to the foot, knee or hip will cause inflammation and damage to these joints, it is a normal pattern that a foot issue can cause compensatory changes in the knee, hip and then alignment of the hips. This in return can cause changes in pelvic stabilising muscles and essentially cause lower back pain, postural changes and more.

The body is seen as an incredibly well built and designed organism where everything works in harmony to keep it functioning at its best. This unfortunately can mean that if the spine, pelvis and shoulders are not in adequate alignment, as it moves through open chain (picking up a glass of water) and closed chain (bending over to pick up something) movements, patterns are created that lead to pain and joint dysfunction.

An assessment performed by our Chiropractor will help you understand where the cause lies and treatments target the cause as opposed to just the symptoms. In other words, we are not going to treat the knee individually if we know the cause lies in the feet or a walking pattern created over many years as a result to a back injury. Get a proper assessment and call us today to ask how we can help you.